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My graphic journal

I finally created and tidy up my own graphic journal.

So, if you're here for the icons, manips and all that Photoshop fun I do, just follow me to:


Older graphics will stay on this journal for the time being... just cruise the tags to find them out.

This personal journal will remain open and unlocked. If you share the same interests, love memes and is a testified fangirl (or fanboy), don't hesitate to friend me! Beware that this journal will contain a lot of rants about my life, because this is the place I know I can vent without fear...

high_sunday51 ! high_sunday51 ! high_sunday51

Bucky Barnes Mafia journal

((For this game over here))

Met a bunch of new people. Gotta see what they are capable of.

First recon:

Missy - Alien? Manipulative. Not to be trusted.
Raven - Mechanic. Seen some battles herself. Tough and smart. Leg might be a problem during a fight. Protect if necessary.
Kenzi - Civilian with contacts with strange creatures. Smart and might know how to hold herself in a fight.
Poe Dameron - Pilot. Soldier. Nice to keep around.
Jack - Civilian. Scholar. Protect.
Vala - Alien. Charming. Contacts with military organization. Might know how to hold herself in a fight.
Eliot - NOT CIVILIAN. Knows about Red Room. Keep an eye on him.
Wynonna - Civilian. Has a gun, shot demons with it. Seems resourceful.
Leonardo - Artist. Steve would like him. Protect.
Cole - Strange. Seems powerful and out of this world. Seems capable.
Captain Janeway - Experienced leader. Seems capable and resourceful.
Norma Bates - Civilian. Mother of 2. Protect.
Vince - Artist. Talk with animals. Might have useful skills. Seems easily manipulated. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM MISSY.
Natalia - Black Widow. Can take care of herself.
Parker - Thief. Apparently can take care of herself. Possibly likes to torture people. Beware.
Karen Walker - Civilian. Drunk. Even so, protect.
Sterling - Interpol (???). Seems capable. Knows about Eliot and Parker.

Omg winter

It's 6°c, windy. It doesn't even look the sun is up yet. How am I supposed to go outside like this???</p>

Brazil is NOT supposed to be this cold...=(

Remus Lupin

MAFIA! This is your chance

If you ever saw me babbling about mafia before and always wanted to try out but didn't know how to even start, this is your chance.

Owememafia is starting an username game. That means, no one will know who you are behind the characters, so no need to be afraid of "everyone already knowing everyone" or "acting like a newbie" because no one will know any better.

Also, few roles = easier to understand and more rp to make it more fun! Sign-ups open until Friday only!!
Mckays&#39; hug

Just a quick note

I'm not back on LJ. Well, actually, I'm not completely back. I'm just buying my time and tying some lose ends before declaring official hiatus...

I'm going back to school next semester - actual college - which will give me no time at all to be here. And come my vacation, April, I'm going abroad for the first time, so I don't think I'll be around much either till then, specially because I'm not going to drop out my current classes.
Arya - sad

Broken computer and other news

Yep. It's official, my laptop - that has been acting up for the last two Weeks - finally passed away. I'll get it fixed sometime during this week. But until then, I can only guarantee cellphone connection.


Which would be the case even if I had my laptop working perfectly. I have performances scheduled, working extra hours practically everyday and I need to fix so many things in my life (personally and my place) that this break might be a good thing.


If/when a true hiatus come, I'll let everyone know. Until then, I'll keep my phone as recharged as possible.

Sebastian - angel x demon

I wish I was a boy...

Just got a drunk text from my gay friend, saying he wants a boyfriend so much. And that he's sad/angry enough to jump of his building.


And it's not the first time I find myself thinking: I wish I was a boy! I wish so much! Because I know we would love each other... And I know I would make him happy, unlike all the crap guys he finds out there....


Thinking like this makes me sad. And I never tell him any of this.