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Halfway done with House's 100 icons (not posting the new icons till next weekend, though).

I think I've been reading way too much mcshep lately. Specially more non-con/rape and Aliens made them do it than can be called health. Possibly every one of those on as many archives as I found. On my defense, I do read non-porn fics and kinky-free porns too... I am a big soft romantic on the inside... I just can't stay away from all the h/c for too long...

Probably this is the reason why my brain is melting and I can't work on any pretty Mcshep icons... at least nothing new (still on 25 icons for the next post).

On a side note, while browsing sgastoryfinders (which I do more than once a day on the weekends, mind you), I realized this is the only fandom I know that can use the phrase lemon suicide scene related to angst, and not just comedy.

And I am trying to write a mcshep. Nothing big, but it would be NC-17, and that is pretty amazing for me (since just recently I started writing anything above PG-13). Not that I can expect to finish it one day. I have around 5 incomplete fanfics on my computer, half of which don't have more than 3 paragraphs.
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