haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Fanfic: Yoga

Title: Yoga
Author: haruechan
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Matt/Mohinder

Rating: PG (I believe…)
Summary: Matt watches Mohinder practicing Yoga…
Note: My first fanfic on this fandom (and it is one more of those first kiss). Note that English is not my native language, but it seems I can’t write anything in Portuguese for the time being (hell of a writer’s block). Please, notify me of any hideous mistake. I really love the English language too much to mangle it on purpose.

Matt knew a few things about Mohinder before he was taken home from the hospital. He knew Mohinder was an academic kind of guy. Rational, but also caring (if the way he acted over Molly was any indication). He was serious, but with a cunning sense of humor. That he was determinate and had a perfect English accent that send shivers down his spine (even though he blamed the air-conditioner the first few times that happened).

But after moving in, he started learning a bit more everyday. How methodical and well organized he was. Except for his mind, that most of the time was a hurricane going on and off directions. That man could think, at the same time, in two languages about last night's conversation with Bennet, what he was going to do for dinner and scientific stuffs that Matt couldn't even speak properly, least of all spell. Over the first two weeks living in the same apartment with the Doctor, Matt learned pretty fast how to better block his abilities, even though he could hear some thoughts slip through. Sometimes, being in the same room with him for a few hours was enough to give him a migraine.

That was, except when Mohinder did Yoga, his mind going blank, too quiet for Matt's comfort. The most intriguing thing he learned was that Mohinder liked to practice Yoga every possible night, after putting Molly to sleep. That wasn't intriguing per se, since that really fitted with the tea-drinking and the no-meat-meals that man lived upon. What intrigued Matt the most was how flexible that lean body was.

He was now sitting in the sofa, trying to organize some clues from his assignment as a NYPD officer. Trying to put his finger on what was wrong with that supposed suicide case, but failing terribly. His eyes left the pages and photos long time ago and were now fixed at the man lying a few feet away from him, on a blanket on the apartment floor. The position now was an interesting one that kept his entire mind occupied in every detail.

Mohinder was lying on his back, with his arms wide open, like he was crucified to the floor. His face was facing away from him but his legs were bent his way, making the body stretch and the corner of this shirt lift, revealing a good part of his stomach. Matt couldn’t take his eyes away from that particular spot, well toned and just the perfect color.

For a few seconds Matt considered what it would fell like to touch that skin, to caress that body, to feel it stretched beneath him. Until Mohinder shifted, sending his legs the other way and looking at his direction. Hastily he put the forgotten paper he was holding in front of his face, praying that Mohinder wouldn’t notice anything, especially how red his face was. He was still trying to fight away the images on his head when a stray thought come rushing through his mind. It wasn’t in English at first, until he heard his name.

…Matt. Oh, God. I must stop thinking.

He heard Mohinder shifting to a different position, but didn’t have the nerve to put down the papers anymore and look at him. He tried to concentrate on hearing something else from the other man’s mind, trying to figure out why, or what, Mohinder was thinking of him.

At first it was all quiet and it seemed Mohinder was really focused on clearing his mind. But soon stray words were slipping out, like he was losing his concentration. Most of the words were in Tamil, but some he could understand perfectly well.  

… hot… Matt… God…how would if feel like… kiss… if he… why can’t he… He really seems fixed on those papers… but wait…

The thoughts stopped abruptly in one Tamil word that sounded a lot like swearing. It was silence until another thought sounded with purpose.

Matt? Are you listening to my thoughts?

Matt froze. He just couldn’t react. He was still paralyzed with the stray words he had caught. Why was Mohinder thinking about him, about kisses? And God, could his face become even hotter? He was about to explode in flames any minute now. He heard Mohinder sighing before shifting again. This time it was that perfect accented voice that said out loud.

“I know about your dyslexia, but even you wouldn’t try to read anything upside down.”

Busted. Matt was trying to think a way out. He could stand and run; he could avoid the other man’s gaze and pretend he didn’t know what he was talking about. He could lie through his teeth. He could…

What he could do was lost as he felt hands on his knees. While figuring thinks out, Mohinder had crawled his way to him and was pleading without words for Matt to look at him. Slowly he put the papers down again, doing his best to look at anything but the man kneeled in front of him.

“Sorry. I really didn’t mean it. I just caught random words though. No big deal.”

He really wasn’t convincing anyone with his face and neck redder than ever. He really wished he could hide them away behind those papers again.

God. He looks so handsome when embarrassed like that…

That thought was enough to make Matt look at the other man. He saw the blushing on Mohinders face when he realized that the thought was heard perfectly clear. It was the most beautiful scene he could ever dream of. Mohinder’s darker face, tinted with a blush that didn’t stand out like his own, kneeled in front of him. Dark eyes looking away from him and slender fingers starting to leave his own knees, embarrassed.

And that was when Matt reached for those hands to stay where they were, without thinking anymore. Those beautiful dark eyes looked up, confused, and he took the opportunity to lean on and press a soft kiss on the other man’s lips. It was insecure at first, like trying something for the first time, without planning. Then he placed his hands on both sides of Mohinder face and drew him closer, tasting more of those lips.

It was another discovery he made about the doctor that night. He tasted delicious, their mouths fitted together perfectly and he loved all of it.
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