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What's happening on the lair recently?

Friday, my roommate found three kittens on some garbage cans near her work. The three female cats were meowing pitifully, tied up on a plastic bag. She brought the one that nobody wanted home with her. So now, we have a family and Nina is the new member. Weighing half a kilo, and hardly a month old, she looks more like a rat than a cat... XD But I fell in love with her already.

I took some pictures today (the first of a thousand to come), because she is finally shying out and being as hyper as any kitten can be.

On some fannish unrelated notes: I'm so happy I just bought SGA: Season 3! Two more seasons to go! (and around 13 episodes I still need to see before it's over! *snif* ) And I can't wait for the release of House - Season 5 in here! I'm dying for it!

Ow, and I'm writing again! Mind you, it may never be finished or go online whatsoever, but it's a joy to - finally - be able to write a fanfic again. It's SGA, Rodney centered, eventually McShep. It's already 1500 words and it won't be a short fic... Don't know the outcome, but I'm glad to write again...

Next icon post: planning for around the 20th. Since it will take some time, expect around 100 icons or maybe even more... XD
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