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David Hewlett's Movies!!!

Okay, I just recently finished the 100+ icons of hell House/Wilson and I'm still waiting for further instruction on the 20in20 challenges I've signed-up (all the way SGA!). I'm taking some well earned rest from photoshop and decided to catch on some movies.

Since I've been David Hewlett obsessed lately, I decided to search for his movies. Here is the list of what I found:

A Dog's Breakfast: This is hilarious! It's Becket! And Teyla! And TEAL'C! And DH is crazier than never in this... I mean, the cast is so familiar, and the characters are so funny. And Mars is adorable. God, this is a must see for every sga fan. And any David Hewlett/Paul McGillion fan as well, because they are amazingly insane.

Treed Murray: Or Get Down, as released on DVD. Man, this is a great drama! The gang-kids are amazing on these one... Particularly, I hate DH character because he is so wrong in so many ways it made me sick sometimes. But they are all so flawed and real, and they grow so much as the movie progress. And DH plays the part so nicely... when he taunts the guys and scream for Shark to "come and get" him, it sent shivers down my spine. Really great movie. And one of my favorites on this list. (I have to thank luinalda for sharing me this one).

Nothing: When I first read about this movie, I placed it on a I heart Huckabees level of non-sense. I was wrong. It's even weirder than anything I've ever seen (and with less philosophical moments too). It's really an insight about anything, but the friendship of the two main characters, if I can call it an insight. It's hilarious, disturbing, absurd and entertaining as hell. DH screaming like a girl, running around with undershorts and singing are just bonus. Andrew Miller does an amazing job as well (because the movie IS both of them). Here I have to really thank luinalda for showing me this movie. Another favorite.

Cube: God, I don't know why it took me so long to watch this (after all, this is the rare one that got released here in Brazil with big banners and all). DH kicking ass (or the other way around) is always nice. ^_^ I believe this is the most famous DH movie out there, so I don't know what else to say... this is a thriller, so expect high tension moments. Don't like much of the genre, but this one is philosophical-full, and DH is REALLY gorgeous XD Favorite, of course.

Ice Men: This one, I discovered, got release on Brazil to DVD only, but nobody ever heard of it... =P Pity, because this is a really nice drama, with great (but screwed-up) characters. Five friends together on a winter cabin for an upcoming birthday. Secrets unfolding while sharing memories of their childhood together. Not so much as I described, but really good nonetheless. DH is a looser with weird long hair on this one... and another character I hated, though as human as he can be. Again, I believe it's impossible to not identify yourself with at least one character on this. Particularly, I loved the gay and the bad-ass-brother.

Century Hotel: I must confess I still need to watch the whole movie. I just watched DH's parts on this. Can you say DRAMA? And any movie where you have DH naked and/or kissing another guy is a good movie for me. XD This one, I must confess, made some plot bunnies pop their long ears in my head.

Now I'm finishing downloading two more movies: Boa Vs. Python (B-movie, but for DH, it's worth it) and Pin... (don't know anything about this one, only that it's a horror movie, a genre I hate). Amazing things we do when obsessed, right?

And for those that care (and the really few that read this journal). I recommend checking tvshare out for movies... you never know when you can find some really good movies to download in there... ;)
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