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Ranting and venting about comms

Man... I miss all the fun on the comms... I never know what's going on until the party is over and the mod-police is cleaning the area...

You know the idiot who is always seen at the back, with the headphones and the chewing gum... oblivious to anything that is happening at the front row? Yeah, that's me.

Me: What? What's going on? What happened? Why the yellow tape?
Mod-police: Just some troublemaker. Now don't be one yourself and move along, nothing to see here...

By the way. When I see mods and admin's posts on comms, making some new rules about how people are behaving, I just have to go on and on and on (in my head) to analyze if I'm doing something wrong...

Okay! I rant! I really can't help myself on internet posts! I can't be concise if my life depended on it! *cries*

This post is in any way a criticism over any comm I participate. It's just me, ranting about being stupid enough to not understanding some rules! I blame on the fact that English is not my native language... =P
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