haruechan (haruechan) wrote,


Sorry for more silly ranting and venting... I really need to work on my college papers...

SGU don't even have 10 episodes and it already had the whole cast of sg-1... What about the characters from SGA? I mean... I can't say I miss them because the fifth season is still airing here in Brazil (6 or 7 episodes to end, though).

But... but... it's like Atlantis is the Black Sheep. Dropped out for Universe and discarded like... like... I don't know... It's like they are the sibling people don't want to spend time with...

I have nothing against SG-1 (though I have watched only a handfull of episodes). Nor Universe (haven't watched anything so far), but I'm starting to hold a grunge against SGU because of that silly favoritism... =/ And I really don't want a grunge against anything, because the whole franchise is great... I just don't like what they did with SGA on the long run, though...
Tags: rants
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