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I've been reading beadattitude 's Checkmate's Verse, in which John Sheppard is turned into a cat for a whole month, having Rodney to rely on. This is ubber-cute, heartwarming and simply amazing fic.

And I've been reading it most of the time with Nina purring on my shoulders (or my neck, or my belly, or my lap, anywhere she can fit herself). No wonder I fell in love with her all over again. <3

So I gathered those hundreds pictures I took from her so far (~250) and resized a few ones (only ~90). That's how this picspam was born! Not all images in there, but enough for me to warn you: image and cuteness heavy!

These first ones taken with my cell phone, so not great quality.

She really loves to nap on me. I can't always have my camera, but my cellphone (and fanfics) are always at reach.

Now, the real deal.

Hard not to fall in love with her...

She was so scared and small back then...

Really scared and small... XD

Now she owns the place already...

Posing for the camera!

Play time!

She dropped all those DVDs at least once already...

Die, paper ball! Die!


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