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Warning: this is a image heavy post. Safe for work, though.

This weekend was one of the hottest I've been! (not in a good way)
It makes me miss the rainy week we had a week ago... it was still hot most of the time, but there were the chilly wind, and the cooling water refreshing everything. And the light! Summer's rains on the sunset creates beautiful light.

The orange glow of the end of the day has inspired me greatly. Even Nina helped out this time. She usually don't stand still (unless sleeping), or act cute for photos. So I always have to use flash when taking pictures. But this time she helped me a lot! I could take a bunch of pictures with natural light (even though the light wasn't that great at the beginning of the shooting).

Playing with my camera, I decided to try some B&W pictures using the camera's settings. After a few studies, I was finally pleased with the results. I'm amazed at the quality of the pictures this camera takes. You can really see all the imperfections on the fake rose, like the texture of the material it's made of... some kind of plastic-cloth-y.

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