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More David Hewlett action!

It's 6:30 in the morning, I can't sleep and I'm bored out of my mind (and tired of organizing my fics) I'm just waiting for two icontests to finish so I can post my next batch of +100 sga icons... Yeah, I'm scared of myself.

So I decided to review my movie folder and dig some more David Hewlett's titles. Watched some other things, specially the series (but I'll talk about those some other time).

Scanners II: As and 80s-90s kid I really enjoyed it. David is gorgeous as hell. And an inspiring hero. I returned to my teens (I was 12 when I first saw Scanners) and imagined myself falling for young, blondy, bright-eyed David Kellum... XD

Boa Vs Python: As good as a trash movie could be. Again, David playing the dashing hero. Older, not so much blondy, but still amazingly hot! Playing the scientist, an expert at his field, he reminds me of Rodney McKay (but without the mean streak and the comedy clumsiness). Worth for some laugh, at the absurdity of the plot and the whole snake (almost nonexistent) fight. And for the wet hero, of course.

Pin: Oh God. Did I mention I'm not a fan of horror movies? But what we can do for an obsession... It was totally worth it! David Hewlett's performance in this let me speechless... the whole movie did. It's a disturbing psychological thriller, I simply loved it! And not saying much else to not spoil it. Just that it's totally worth it!

The Boys of St. Vincent: 15 Years Later: Watch the original movie first. So you can see the story behind David's character. Man, this movie is heavy. It deals with some heavy issues regarding pedophile and violence - on screen! I'm not easily shocked, but this movie made my stomach turns on some scenes. David left me heartbroken on this. Together with the whole plot and the boys. When watching the movie, the original one, pay attention to the boy named Steven. That will be David Hewlett on the sequel.

Where the Heart Is: I'm glad I didn't watch the movie when it released here, because I wouldn't truly understand it as much as I did now. Not that it's really deep or anything. But it has a beauty on it (specially on photography) and an adult humor attached to it. I'm a fan of the whole cast (well, it's Uma Thurman and Crispin Glover, alongside others). This is the movie that brought Cupid!Hewlett into our lives... so what's not to love? =P

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