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What's going on??? Really sad...

Things at work have been a little crazy, with the take over... Nobody is going to lose their jobs, but some changes will have to be made and some people's payment decreased... as a result, stress is high up on the place.

For me, though, things are okay. I'm kinda of going with the flow, trying not to get too stressed at work (and least of all at home). My payment didn't change and I'm trying to get a promotion (as everyone else). But people are so high-strung that everything you say is throw back at your face, stronger. I decided I'm keeping quiet at work is better than get stressed for false accusations and other's people projecting their frustration on anyone who seems too calm for their level of neurosis.

And to top it of, I came back home today to see a really crazy e-mail with someone accusing me of cheating and saying nasty things about my icons (and mostly about me). I tried to e-mail the person back but it couldn't be delivered... what the hell?

FYI, crazy anon:

I'm not a competitive person! I'm really not. I love icontests because it inspires me to make icons! Because it helps me improve! But I don't get depressed or sad, or angry, or anything like that when I don't win a single vote. For real, there are so many amazing iconmakers out there! This things only inspire me to get better! To learn with those that won!

I really don't understand... it appears that the world decided to turn against me this week... what a lovely way to start the Year... =/

I'll take a long, calming bath and afterwards I'll try to work on some icons...
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