haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

About icons, but without...

Almost done with those 20 McKeller icons... Ronon is going to be a pain to do, in such a short time... =/

And just realized I could had enter an icon for the gate_icontest... I did an icon without realizing what episode it was from... so lame. Oh, well... I'll enter it the icontest I was planning to...

Next round, I'll probably only join gate_eps and tv20in20... Specially because I want to join The Rumble!

Gosh, so many icontest, so little time!

And speaking about icontests: I set links (on the sidebar) to all the amazing iconstest I've joined so far! Left out the House MD/DW/TW ones, because it looks like they've been dropped... =/

Going to do some laundry before coming back to photoshop...
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