haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

I hate the flu...

Yeah, I have the flu, so I'm stuck in bed, drinking water non-stop and I can't hardly breath (without feeling my throat). Only company so far are my cat, fanfics and SGU.

Eli Walace is funny, the only fun on the whole drama-packing show. Though I do enjoy Rush (I can't decide if I hate him enough or not - he ain't McKay enough for me to love him, though), Young (he is my hero!!), and TJ (she won me when she drugged Col. Telford - which I truly hate).

So far, Scott and Chloe are there as pretty faces only, for me... Scott isn't Sheppard, and he really isn't anything... And I can't see the purpose of Chloe beside that, be the next-door-girl everyone can relate too. Though I really can't relate to them so far... Let's see, still some episodes to go...

But I'll take a nap first... those flu pills makes me drowsy...
Tags: rants, sgu
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