haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Fic: Birthday

Title: Birthday
Rating: G, I believe...
Pairings or Characters: Matt/Mohinder, Molly
Warnings: M/M relationship implied.
Summary: Matt muses about his incoming birthday and previous ones.
Author note: Just a little fluffy, almos pointless. Writen on the last time for the Heroes Contest... (can't link it!!). Not betad...

Matt Parkman had a few good birthdays. He remembered when he was a little kid, and got a really expensive gift from his father. He remembered his dad looking proud of himself, upon seeing the happy face of his son. That night their parents had a huge argument, but he never knew what about, and never could have guessed that his perfect birthday present was to blame.

On his years dating and being married with Janice, he could remember some good celebrations, especially in the beginning. Some anniversaries and even a few Janice’s birthdays were memorable, in a good way. But looking back on all those years, he sadly realized that Janice knew how to be selfish.

His last birthday’s present was not something he expected, so it could be seen as a surprise. It was almost a month after his actual birthday, so maybe he couldn’t even consider it a birthday present whatsoever. After a few weeks in the hospital, getting frequent visits from Molly and Dr. Suresh, he was asked to move in with them. He could never thank them enough. So it was a surprise and a huge present that he was really grateful for.

And with a family, saving the world and their lives countless times, a whole year went by really fast. And it took some time to Matt realize that his birthday was coming around the corner again. That was only after a few NYPD buddies wished him well on the eve of his birthday, and the eve of his day off, asking friendly questions about the celebration. He just shrugged it off, saying he would enjoy his special day in a quiet way.

He hadn’t thought about his birthday in a long time. Since everything in his life started going wrong, he was rarely grateful to be alive in the first place. He was just a fat, stupid, slow son, an unimportant cop and a lousy husband. And even after he discovered his ability, he found out that he sucked in being a hero as well, making things worst than not having any power at all.

But this night he could say he was more than grateful to be alive and well. Happy to have those powers and to be able to protect and love the ones he cared the most. He entered the silent apartment to find out Molly sleeping peacefully on her bed. He kissed her head softly before going to his bed and cuddling near the warm body of Mohinder, falling asleep easily.  

And next day he was awaked too early with a big crushing hug from Molly, as she jumped up and down the bed screaming “Happy Birthday!!”. He looked up to see balloons everywhere in the room, and even a colorful banner with congratulations written in glitter.  And near the door was Mohinder, holding two presents.

“Surprise!” he said, with a smile. Yes, Matt Parkman was grateful and happy to have those two to love and protect.  

Tags: fanfic, mattmo
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