haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Look who is alive (and why I'm not doing more icons?)

I need some new icons, but I need more time... I'm working some of Heroes (most Matt) and House (most Wilson) ones... I'm downloading thousand of movies caps, and I wish I had more time to work on that...

My work is getting depressing... the pressures and the threats are overwhelming. My college is amazing though. This semester I've started my internship on a school, I'm working with a class of 3 year old children... And I'm loving every sweaty minute of it (of the whole 2 hours I spend with them) XD (yeah, I'm studying to be a teacher and working on a bank... we have to pay our bills somehow)

With this, my working hours just increased. So I leave home at 7:30am, and return home at 5:30pm, with 30 minutes for lunch in the afternoon. That is why I'm whining all the time that I need more time to do other things!! (Like catching a movie, writing reading fanfics, playing with photoshop, reading my new books). And to add to it, I have classes on college Thursday and Friday's night and Saturday mornings.

Now is the time I'm thanking god for not having a boyfriend anymore. I can't even manage some time to talk with my own parents and my brother...
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