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All about TV Shows and Shippers

I'm getting into SciFi TV shows like never before. After Atlantis, I started watching SG-1, now I'm obsessed with SGU, getting the courage to start downloading the complete SG-1 series, got the whole BSG series with a friend... and I'm currently downloading Firefly...
Bunch of things I should had seen years ago, though...

Now, I'm a shipper. It's rare for me to see a show without shipping anyone (even though the show may not have anything romantic on canon). Though I'm not a compulsory slasher (I mean, there are some fandoms I really can't rut for any slash paring at all), there are those shows I walk the whole rainbow shipping everything in sight.

Torchwood's one of these shows: I have a OTP for slash (Jack/Ianto), Het (Rhys/Gween), and I even like a little femslash (if Toshiko is involved).
The same goes for Stargate Atlantis, though it's in extreme. I don't have an OTP (John/Rodney comes closer, but...), since I ship Rodney with everyone, Sheppard with everyone (expect Elizabeth), read some interesting femslash with Keller and Sam... and I even found myself thinking about Teyla/Elizabeth recently... weird...

Now, in SGU, thinks starts a little boring... I love Eli, but I can't ship him with Chloe or Scott since I don't like either of them (they really should stick together). Young and TJ background is interesting enough (the first ship I considered)... but now, all the UST between Young and Rush is really getting into my head! I sense a new obsession coming...
Tags: rants
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