haruechan (haruechan) wrote,


I did it... I finish watching the whole 10 episodes... And there is one thing I want to say really badly: is it April already?

OMG... I'm officially in love with the show and I'm dying for new episodes already! Though I'm already planning to watch the whole show again before the new episode airs... I'll just make sure that, this time, my slash google is on... I wanna see all the Young/Rush interactions... and I wanna play closer attention to Camile as well... I think I may have found my favorite femslash of all times...

But I'll resist any kind of SGU fanfic for the time being... I can't dwell in so many fandoms at the same time... I can hardly keep up with SGA for now...

Tomorrow: icons, because a bunch I really wanna join are due tomorrow and Saturday, and I did nada this week...
Tags: rants
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