haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Photoshop'ing till I die...

if my muse lets me.

Next weekend is Carnaval in here, which means I won't have to go to work Monday and Tuesday. Since my last car problem left me with a almost broken account, I'm staying home for the holiday (instead of traveling with friends). So that means, I'll have lots of time to work on icons, banners, artworks and such...

Already planing to: work on Wilson fanart (for bery26) and Sheppard/Lorne fanart/banner (for the amazingly patient diek09).
If needed, it will also give me time to finish my entries for those 20in20 challenges... though I must say, if there is time, I may deliver one this week...

I loved the fact that both stargate20in20 and gate_eps20in20 let us work with all the three shows (plus the movies)... so now I'm drowning in caps and inspired beyond words! I'm loving the opportunity to work with a bunch of SG-1 caps without even have watched the show... =P

Now: I really wished I had more time... I'm dying to do 5 more icons!
Tags: rants
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