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Okay, diek09 and his Daft Punk videos are to blame. Our little chat brought me a desire to re-watch one of my favorite Pet Shop Boys video. I ended up stumbling upon this remix of the music... which I like better for a number of reasons: Mainly, It's a great remix and it doesn't remind me of my looser ex-boyfriend (as most PetShopBoys things do).

Here's the link for the original version... If you don't like remixes (or just want to cut to the crap) =P

And I AM a romantic person. That's why I LOVE the lyrics of this music...

Miracles - Pet Shop Boys
Clouds drift away
when they see you
Rain wouldn't dare
to fall near you here
Miracles happen
when you're around
Somehow the grass is much greener
Rivers flow faster and cleaner
Being with you
no matter where
sunlight breaks through
and suddenly there's

A bluer sky
whenever you're around
You always bring
a bluer sky
a brighter day

Thunder is silent before you
Roses bloom more to adore you too
Miracles happen
when you're around
The sunset is deeper and longer
The scent of the jasmine is stronger
Stray dogs don't bite
Birds start to sing
Lightening daren't strike
You suddenly bring

A bluer sky
whenever you're around
You always bring
a bluer sky
a brighter day
Birds fly
even higher in the sky
Sun shines
It's a new day

On a unrelated note. I really need to close the computer to sleep now... it's been two days I've barely slept at all, doing icons and reading fanfics... By they way, I really need to prepare two posts for stargateficrec... I totally forgot... tomorrow...
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