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Not again...

My muse run away again... =/ I tried to work on some icons tonight and ended up with only two... and only one that I truly loved.

And for some non-related fandom stuffs:

- I've re-watched Syfy's Alice yesterday. And again today. Why? Because I'm falling in love with Hatter...

- I'm reading a McKeller fic and I started feeling guilty for betraying my OTP. (okay, I know that this is sad). So I re-read the one threesome fic I know of with John/Rodney/Keller... unfortunately there's not many of those out there. The truth is, I'm a cheating fangirl... I'm actually enjoying McKeller as much as McShep... So, an OT3 sounds less dirty on my mind...

- I want to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer again! I'm felling old and I'm getting this nostalgic desires to re-live my golden age of fangirlish youth.. when I didn't know what fanfic or slash meant, but enjoyed it all just the same...

Oh, and just because this post can get more random: a new picture of Nina (inside a plastic bag she just can't let go!)

Tags: rants
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