haruechan (haruechan) wrote,


Yesterday was a great, inspiring night. I was at a friend attending a Sarau, which I don't know how to say in English. Basically, it's a gathering of friends performing art in various forms: playing music, performing a scene, dancing, reading poetry or interesting text, showing videos or photo... I returned home at 4 in the morning, feeling so good...

My muse came back, because it's impossible to be around 15-ish talented people and not be inspired.

Now, I only wished I hadn't update Firefox, because I discovered this Personas thing... and it's impossible to find one that fits with my Firefox so well because I don't use extensions, and - therefore - I end up with half a header... Which is a shame, because mella68 made two perfect ones I would love to use...

I can see today I'm going to spend the day in photoshop working a Persona and the banners for sgmen... (and since I'll be working on big graphics today, I'll try some headers and fanarts to pay my debts).
Tags: rants
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