haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Does anyone on my f-list watches Supernatural?

I really need to ask a few pointers to a Supernatural fan (or at least someone that follows the show).

The thing is, I always avoided the show because:
1) I'm afraid of ghost etc... XD
2) The slasher in me could easily fall trap on the whole wincest thing... and I was afraid of that too... incest makes me squirm...
3) Don't like Sam that much, neither the actor... so half the appeal of the show was gone...

I blame it all on Misha Collins (and the fandom), but since I saw him in one episode (middle of forth season, maybe?) as Castiel, I fell in love. Now, even though I've watched like, one and a half episode, I'm shipping Dean/Cas (oh, I'm so sad!)

Now I want to watch the show, BUT, I really don't want to watch from the beginning. Since Castiel appears only on season 4, there's where I'm going!

What I want to know is: can I start watching from Season 4 and get the point or I'll be missing to much plot to get into the whole thing? If so, are there any key episodes on previous seasons that will help situate myself in preparation for Season 4?

Wikipedia crossed my mind, but I'll only go there as a last resource, because I really don't want any more spoilers for season 4...

I could get by with a little help from my friends... =P
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