haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

I have more channels!

Yeah! Today the cable TV was updated to Digital HD! And now I have SciFi channel (Brasil). Not many interesting things in here, but there's Eureka, SGU and... SG-1!!! I have SG-1 broadcasting now!!! I'm so happy... XD

Still don't know what season, if it's chronological (I can only hope), because it's two episodes of SG-1 a day (at 19:00 and 20:00) and I know it's going to be complicated to work a schedulle with my roommate... 20:00 is House time, but I do have it all in DVDs anyway... My roommate do like SGA (she's the one that introduced me to the show, actually... she's in love with Ronon). I still don't know what she will think of SG-1... she's not a SciFi geek like me... she's just a tv geek...

Let's see how things go on Monday, when I try to take the tv control from her...
Tags: rants
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