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My Wishlist (and to-do list)

Just posted my wish list on The Fall Fandom Free-For-All. Don't know if I'll get anything... As anyone can guess, most of my wishes are Heroes (Matt) or House (Wilson) related... You can find the small list in here.

To-do (graphic) list:

1. Heroes manip. Bunch of pictures to work with already. Just need to stop being a obsessed with House , lazy person already...
2. 13/Olivia's icons. Downloaded hundred of pictures and did only 3 icons... not good at all...
3. Same thing for Kuter/Kal Penn... he is so adorkable (not as much as Wilson, but still...)

To-do (writing) list:

1. Beta and post my first unoriginal DPS fic (or rather, drabble).
2. Stop being lazy and take the two fanfics off my notebook and into the computer already... One Matt/Mo, and one House/Wilson fs.
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