haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

What's there not to love about this show?

BEWARE. THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! (really sorry for those that read before)

- It incorporate fandom and fangirls on the story line... It even shows fanfic, for crying out loud!

- It makes fun of other television shows! Please, Dr. Sexy MD? Loves the way Dean fans over him, by the way... and Dean and Sam pulling that CSI:Miami pose with the sunglasses at night comment?

- Pretty boys... full of fan-service, USTs... come on, even internal wincest innuendos all the time! First season is full of those... Now, seasons 4 and 5, there's a lot of Dean and Castiel looking at each other... Dean's reactions for Castiel being (dead, killed, missing, hurt)...

- Funny faces... Well, they are pretty funny most of the time! Even with the end of the world and all that betrayal drama, they can still pull some comical moments...

Now, for my OTP: Dean/Castiel. Here we have an Angel that brought Dean back from hell. Whose mission was to guide Dean through the apocalypse (to prevent it or to end it, either way), protect him so, when the moment arrived, he could be Michael's vessel? And somewhere along the way, his need to protect Dean overcome Heaven's desire, overcome even Faith itself? He rebelled against Heaven for Dean... Isn't it romantic or what? XD
Tags: rants
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