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Fu--- tired of some icontests...

I'll probably sound like a fuc--- bitch (yes, you can blame PMS today for that). And maybe I'll even upset a few of my friends in here (which I'm really sorry if I do! Nothing written in here is direct to you!), but I really need to vent or I'll explode!

I'm so tired of some icontests and their mods... I'm tired of excuses for not posting results for weeks... I'm tired of excuses for deadline extensions of extensions of extensions so their friends can finish their icons (it sure sounds like that sometimes)... I know sometimes RL can be a pain and it can really make our internet schedulle go down the toilet... but that's why there are MODS and helpers... I fell cheated when I worked my ass out on my schedulle (both online and on RL), just to keep facing those kind of things ALL THE TIME!

Once or twice, okay, we get... RL is out there and connections are lost from time to time... I ended up not joining a bunch of great icontests because of those reasons myself... but there must be something fundamentally wrong if it happens day after day after day for weeks and months and the mods don't do nothing else beside giving excuses...

That's one of the main reasons I stopped joining some icontests... not that they are all like that, but I got a little too tired from dealing with those few problematic ones that I ended up focusing my muse and energy on different kind of graphic challenges...
Tags: rants
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