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New Layout!

Just discovering the joys of free layouts on LJ! (God, I'm such a newbie)

Anyway... I'm writing again!! My writer's block just flew out of the window! Right now I'm finishing one DPS fic (that I'll post only on ff.net, probably) and a House+Wilson fic that I challenged myself, based on a quote prompt... This one is getting bigger than I first expected it to be, though...

My icons are blooming now. I have around 15 bases for Heroes (mainly manips for MattMo), another 60 from house (mainly H/W, Olivia and some Kan Penn). Proper icons I just did 5, for the new rounds of challenges...

Right now I should be studying for a test I'll have on Sunday. It's an important job test, so I'm doing my best, but I can't stop playing around in LJ or Photoshop... I'm addicted...
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