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The flu, as in my RL sucks...

I really started working on a new place. I love the people, I hate the work, I hate the new system...

I have a new cat at home! Castiel (obsessed much?) He's an standard short haired street cat... But he's so calm and serious, compared to Nina... I couldn't resist name him after the stoic angel. XD

The problem is he's still adapting at home (he was found starving on the street and some friends got him at a temporary shelter) and he meow a lot at night...

Add this to the new work thing, my roommate pissed off at the new cat, my incoming birthday plans (that I really didn't have the energy to organize anything), and the god damned flu...

I wish the world would stop for a few days so I could get off.... =/

I didn't had the energy to organize my icon post... I finish reading one of the au_bigbang fics and I need to plan my time better to work on those artworks...

And now I really need to sleep this damn flu away...

Tags: rants
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