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16 April 2010 @ 09:21 pm
The flu, as in my RL sucks...  
I really started working on a new place. I love the people, I hate the work, I hate the new system...

I have a new cat at home! Castiel (obsessed much?) He's an standard short haired street cat... But he's so calm and serious, compared to Nina... I couldn't resist name him after the stoic angel. XD

The problem is he's still adapting at home (he was found starving on the street and some friends got him at a temporary shelter) and he meow a lot at night...

Add this to the new work thing, my roommate pissed off at the new cat, my incoming birthday plans (that I really didn't have the energy to organize anything), and the god damned flu...

I wish the world would stop for a few days so I could get off.... =/

I didn't had the energy to organize my icon post... I finish reading one of the au_bigbang fics and I need to plan my time better to work on those artworks...

And now I really need to sleep this damn flu away...

Current Mood: sicksick
Diego: by my sidediek09 on April 17th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC)
The world won't stop but we can decide when to stop our world.

I'm sorry to hear you have the stupid flu, it's really ankward.

Sorry for the job thing, I guess we always find things that don't match so much.

Your new cat Castiel looks like my new cat (well, my brother's, in fact). His name is Nicolino, I'm sure you'll understand it as our languages are pretty similar, but my mom calls me Cleto-man, because she says he's a superheroe, lol.

And I really want to remember your birthday, I'll be sure to make you a banner! :D

Now the only you can do is to wait, be on bed, read some fic! Feel better soon buddy. *big hugs and meds*