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Brand New Music Meme!

I'm feeling inspired. I did some art, some icons, did the laundry and the dishes... updated my fotolog, DA and high_sunday51... Looks like today was a good day, in the end... XD

Now, I was inspired by musics, so a music meme (with download links) comes at handy. It was so much fun doing this... a lot of work, but fun nonetheless.

Meme created by tiptoe39... all hail the meme queen! XD

1) Answer as many of these questions as are applicable; give as much detail as you like.
2) If you can, upload/share the songs with your flist.
3) Have an awesome music party.

What song on your iPod (or any other portable mp3 player)...

1) Makes you feel like a kid again? Yume no Naka e (ending theme of Karekano). Maybe because it reminds me of my youth (as if I was THAT old).

2) Makes you think of someone you love or loved? Bang Bang (my baby shot me down), by Nancy Sinatra. It reminds me so much of my ex-boyfriend it literaly hurts sometimes. The music is fitting, though.

3) Makes you relive a memory each time you hear it? Champagne Supernova, by Oasis. The wildest party I threw with some friends. such a sweet summer night in the middle of college times, as college times are meant to be. XD

4) Cheers you up when you're feeling crappy? Halo-Walking on Sunshine, the Glee cast version. It's such a up-beat music... I just love it.

5) Is good to kick and scream to you when you're angry? Helter Skelter, by The Beatles, but Dana Fuchs version (from Across The Universe). I screamed a lot with this...

6) Makes you think of your OTP? Broken, by Lifehouse. It's a multifandom song, as it actually fits with a bunch of my OTPs... XD But recently, it scares me how close it gets with Dean/Cas angst...

7) Makes you remember down to each detail the movie or TV scene that played it in the background? This was the hardest choice, because half of my play list is from a musical! Somewhere over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Going with the semi-obvious choice. This played when Dr. Mark Green died in E.R. I cry everytime just remembering it...

8) Always plays a music video in your head? Hear you me, by Jimmy Eat World. Not the actual music video, because I've never seen it. But I have such vivid images on my head, like a real clip or something...

9) Has an audience participation script that you always honor, silently or out loud, when you listen to it? É proibido Fumar, by Skank. Brazilian music. It's trashy funny, in the end... XD Link to the live version, with the crowd participating... Basic the lyrics go like this (really bad translation):

It's not allowed to smoke [marijuana]
Says the sign I read
It's not allowed to smoke [marijuana]
Because it can get on fire
But it's no use to see the signs
Because I'm going to light the fire right now
Not even the firerman can put it out
The kiss I gave her, like that
Not even the fireman can put it out
Girl set me on fire
I'll keep burning content and happy
Never respecting the sign that says
It's not allowed to smoke [marijuana]

10) Always makes you want to headbang/dance? A bunch of my musics do that. I chose Waterloo, by ABBA, because it made me want to dance in the middle of a damn movie... XD

11) Always makes you want to lipsync/sing along? All the songs with lyrics, actually.

12) Always makes you laugh? Aguia de Haia, by Nei Lopes. It's a brazilian satiric samba. The lyric is really clever, making fun of the academic life (like, the university and phds), playing with latin words...

13) Is something you should really be embarrassed to love as much as you do? Miss Independent, by Ne-Yo. I really don't like Hip-Hop... but I love this lyric...

14) Do you always skip over but keep forgetting to take off your playlist? We just don't Care, by John Legend. My friend send me this one via bluetooth, but I really don't like it... It played a lot here in Brazil not long ago, and it got boring really fast.

15) Do you sing along to even though you always forget the words? Goodbye Earl, by Dixie Chicks. My tongue always gets into a knot when I try to sing this song... But I don't give up! XD
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