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SPN and meme

Still need to see the new episode! So I'm avoiding lj till Sunday. I'm scared of Castiel's fate till the end of the season!!

Specially because I remember this quote from episode 5x10, Lucifer and Cas talking...

Lucifer: We're the in the same side (...) So, why not just serve your best interesting which in this case just happen to be mine?
Castiel: I'll die first.
Lucifer: I suppose you will.

*cries from fear*

But let's talk about favorite quotes, as in Dean/Cas moments!

When you see this message, post in your journal with your favorite Season 5 SPN quote.

Dean: Pretty nice timing, Cas.
Castiel: We had an appointment.
Dean: Don't ever change.

From Episode 5x04.

And we don't like future Human!Cas, but I love when he laughs at past!Dean and defend himself with "What? I like past you!.
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