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Color Photo Meme

Comment here to say you want to do the meme and I'll give you a colour. You then post 10 pictures (they don't have to be yours) of 10 things you like in that colour.

The amazing leesa_perrie gave me the color Orange. First I though it was going to be hard, because I never spent time thinking about it. But I realized there are lots of things I love with this color and learned to appreciate it a little more...

In no particular order (sorta):

01. David Hewlett: As if I could resist! There's always McKay's famous orange fleece of love...

02. Cats: My dream was to have an orange male cat, so I could name him Kyo... I can never forget I'm a Fruit Basket fan...

03. Orange Juice: Only my favorite juice, specially freshly squeezed...

04. Sunsets: My favorite time of day. And the best time for taking the greatest pictures outside! This photo was taken from me, a view of Rio de Janeiro across the bay...

05. Fall: My favorite season is represented by this color. I was born in the middle of fall (even though my name means spring) XD And where I live, it has the best weather (not too cold, not too hot, just perfect!)

06. Fanta Orange: OMG! The sweetest soda ever. My favorite growing up. Today I prefer Coke and lime-flavored sodas, but I still can't resist it every now and then...

07. Flowers: Love them, and taking pictures of them. This one was taken from me on my parent's house.

08. Dresses: It's getting cold in here, and I'm getting sad because I'll have to keep all my pretty dresses in the closet (though I do love those long jackets and my boinas/caps in the cold) XD This was one of my favorite dresses (it was torn this summer, due to a little accident with some beers and some over excited friends goofing around} =P

09. Kipling bags: What? I love my monkeys hanging on me like that. XD My first (or second, can't be sure) Kipling bag was an orange backpack when I turned 15...

10. Acoustic Guitars: Well, not only guitars, but I'm crazy about music and my favorite instruments are string ones... guitars, cellos, violins, pianos...

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