haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

I'm alive!

Man, my life has turned upside down!

So many things happening on RL that I wished my day had more than 24 hours (so, at least, I could have 7 hours of sleep every night).

I know I've been away from LJ, but unfortunately the day still has only 24 hours...

I spent the last two weeks running from home (not literally, just avoiding coming home all together) because of my roommate (not my friend anymore and I couldn't stand sharing my apartment with her anymore). At least she moved out this weekend...

To celebrate, I went away this weekend with some friends to watch Yann Tiersen playing on a city nearby (for free!)... I woke up Saturday morning around 10:00, missed his show Saturday night because there were no more tickets (after almost 4 hours standing in line). Traveled two hours to get to another town, where I stand in line from 10:00 till 16:00, until I finally got to see it!

I saw this live!!! From the third row!!! I'm still in heaven, because I love him...


Now I catching up with sleep (and to get matters worst in this, I had to get to work 2 hours earlier today).

With the apartment to myself, I hope that my inspiration flows more freely... Let's see by the weekend, when I finish tiding things up in here a little more...

By the way, I miss my f-list!
Tags: rants
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