haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Still alive!

I really hate and adore RL right now.

I adore because things are finally happening. My house is getting together, my job is getting together, my social life and my photographies are going somewhere! But it all demands so much time... I actually spent 2 whole weeks without loging in on my e-mail! I never left my cellphone, though... =P

I lose weight (which I needed badly, so it's a really great thing), my house is clean (even if it's a little messy and cluttered yet), I'm certain that my friends ARE my true friends these days... and I even started dating again (though I'm a bit unsure of where things are going, still...)

But I hate it, because every now and them, specially this week, I realized I DO miss my friends in here. I miss the comms, and the challenges, and the unpretentious graphic making... =/

I miss talking with people from Argentina (I can't believe they lost for German!!), Germany (I can't believe they didn't win the cup AFTER beating Argentina like that!!), UK, USA (we can all blame Mike Jagger), and other places in this world I can't even name it... XD

So, this is me, saying I'm alive... I miss you all... And I'm trying to be more organized in RL so I can have time to enjoy lj again!

Beijos! (kisses in Portuguese)
Tags: rants
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