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02 May 2008 @ 12:09 am
And so it begins...  
I was reading a lot of fanfics this last week and I was inspired to finally make some use of my LJ account. Even though I am on an Writer's block for some time now. I usually only post my writing on ff.net (and almost all in Portuguese), but since I'm unable to complete anything I start writing, I figured I need someplace else to just let it all go. Maybe to get a little encouragement, or just a purpose of any writing I end up doing.

I usually fly from fandom to fandom at random, depending of my mood that week (or what I've been reading/watching). Mainly I'm addicted to anything you see on my ff.net account. Right now I'm a Heroes fanatic. And that's probably what you'll read a lot in here for the next few posts... I'm also a Harry Potter fan, even though I didn't read anything on it since the last book, I do have a few ideas on my head...

Oh, I'm also a Photoshop fanatic. And I've just experimented doing a few buttons. Probably you'll see a lot of those here too, about my favorite movies/tv-shows/cartoons/animes.

So this is just an introduction. More to come soon (hopefully written stuffs).
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