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Stargate Fanatic?

Two months... two months watching (almost) nothing but SG1 practically everyday... And I just finished Season 6... XD

One more Season before SGA starts making total sense, four more seasons before watching the movies (okay, I confess I already watched Continuum, but it was broadcasting on tv and I had nothing better to do at the time).

This is all inspiring me to make icons again... Specially this one:

I'm doodling this chevron all the time at work and class... ^_^

Season 6 finale, I paused the dvd to make this icon:

Which I named "You heard that one about the three geeks walking into a pyramid?"

Now I want to finish watching SG1 as quickly as possible... I've been neglecting SGU, House and The Big Bang Theory (because my free time is limited, unfortunately) in favor of SG1, Glee and Supernatural... Finishing SG1 quickly will free my time to catch up with season 1 and 2 of SGU...

I actually miss SGU... so much, that I'm trying to make at least one icon of the show every time I make an icon...

Thinking about it, I done this today:

And just after I finished I realized I couldn't enter it on the sgMEN_icontest... Maybe next round I'll pay more attention... XD

Also, I miss working with Jewel Staite images... and McShep (though I'm always reading fanfic before bed).

Trying to stay a little more active on LJ, even though I won't have the time to stalk follow my friends as close as I wanted to...
Tags: rants
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