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Photos and photoshop... throwing some ideas

So, spring begun here in Brazil. With the change of season, my friends - as usual - get together to the Sarau.

This year I was in charge of photographs, replacing the organizer's brother (an actual professional photographer). Big shoes to fill and all...

Lot's of encouraging words later (and the go ahead to use photoshop to my hearts content) I ended up with a few okay photos (one or two good, lots of crappy and none great). But this has been inspiring to say the least.

I ended up making some collages and, mainly, adding a vintage look to all the photos... I worked with colors from scratch and I ended up kinda pleased with myself for the result... I'll share this as a first tutorial on my graphic journal pretty soon... Don't know how detailed it will be, because writing isn't something I do very well unless truly inspired... XD

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