haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Back to fandom!

Wow... this stargateland thing looks like so much fun! And it's specially good to come back to the fandom like that!

Though, since it's my first time around a land kind of thing on lj, I may be totally lost... XD

But I'm glad I joined this already... because it inspired me to open photoshop again... and because I learn about Stargate Novels! After Torchwood novels (that I bought a bunch, but only liked two) I'll be cautious of reading about them before buying... But I'm really excited about the possibility of buying a SGA book on the near future...

And I'm happy that lots of people I know are there as well, on my team nonetheless! Lots of awesome graphic makers at least... XD

Now I just wished I had written a meta for an episode (like I wanted to, a bunch of time, while watching SG1 these days). =P
Tags: fandom, rants
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