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Okay, I'm a big fangirl and I usually "squee" when I see an actor I like on a different show... For instance, have you noticed the amount of stargate actors appears on Supernatural?

delta_mai once started to make that list HERE, though she missed Kavanagh as "Pride" on the first episode of Season 3...

And today I practically jumped up and down while catching up with the first two episode of Season 6...

Spoilers for Season 6 ahead!

Jonas Quinn!! Corin Nemec joined Supernatural in what appears to be a semi big role!!! I'm super happy to see him again (specially because I just finished watching his season on SG1) XD

Though I'm a little unsure about this season of Supernatural... still no Castiel... this whole Campbell Family deal is a little sketchy (and I'm wondering what's up with Grandpa Samuel... and if Sam's involved or not with it).

I think I got so used on seeing the big picture on this show (I mean, come one, everything that happened from episode 1 was related to the Apocalypse), and now? What's left to extrapolate?

I just want Castiel back... And I was just wondering... Since they are bringing more people to life again, beside Sam, what are the odds of getting Gabriel back as well? XD

Wishful thinking...
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