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Glee S02E04 - Duet's pseudo meta thing...

Okay, I'm so in love with Glee right now!

The last episode was too awesome for words! Favorite on the season so far... Top 3 for the whole show, easy... And to know the next one will be The Rocky Horror Glee Show is making me die in anticipation!

But still talking about Duets:

1) Nooo! I want Puck back!! XD

2) Santana/Britanny = <3.

3) Finn/Rachel's Don't go breaking my heart was a little meh (but maybe that's me, since I don't like the couple and I had enough of that song for life). Also, the drummer on that scene looks like he doesn't like Finn very much... XD

4) Mike Chang really won me this episode! Loved all his scenes! And his duet with Tina was perfect! Mike/Tina = <3<3

5) Santana and Mercedes' duet is going to my ipod right now! I want to hear this music everyday when I wake up...

5) I must say it took me some time to love Kurt on the show, but now he's one of my favorite characters! Le Jazz Hot!!! It wasn't Rose's Turn (that one made me cry), but amazing still...

6) Now the main point of this pseudo-meta: Sam's reactions to Kurt were REALLY interesting... It wasn't just me that noticed the way he was looking/smiling at Kurt's performance of Le Jazz Hot, right? I know I have rainbow tainted glasses, but there are a lot of potential in there!

7) Making an amend on the above item: Sam/Quinn is a no-no! Though there's that whole cheerleader/quarterback thing going on, it's too obvious! And a little awkward. Almost forced, as if everyone expect it, but it's not right...

8) It's impossible for me not to love Britanny...

This is how I see Sam right now. He's gay, he know what he likes and all that, but he's not out of the closet yet to the whole world (maybe he's a little afraid to admit it to himself even). After talking with Finn and getting slushed for the first time, he kinds of see how things work on the school. So here comes Quinn, the head cheerleader, a way for the new guy to get a little leverage on the social leader...

Sam/Kurt = <3<3<3
Tags: fangirl, glee, meta
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