haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Exchanges, giftathons and challenges, oh my!

Okay, I had a pretty social weekend: lots of friends and drinks and dances and kissing and making new friends...

But as today, when I should be cleaning the house and doing the dishes, guess what I did?

I spent the day reading about vidding and downloading musics and programs... I don't know how to fit all my RL schedulle with my LJ schedulle... I'll probably won't be able to participate 100% on stargateland as I wanted to (already missed two writing challenge's deadlines and forgot the last quiz - though there's still time for it).

But I'm so focused on the sga_art_santa's exchange (I already said I'm super excited with it, right?) and making gifts for sgoc... Oh, why I'm not on vacation yet? =(
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