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13 November 2010 @ 02:46 am
Glee fandom  
Yeah. Apparently, it only takes one slash shipper to drag me into a fandom.

Since I just started reading Glee fanfics, it's official: I'm into a new fandom! And it's all Darren freaking Criss' fault!


Also, BEWARE THE SPOILERS, I was looking like this on that whole Dave Karofsky's scene!

I mean, beside the shocking part of the actual kiss (and the amazing perform of both actors), it opened doors for the character of Karofsky...

I think I watched this scene as much as I listened to Blaine singing and Blaine/Kurt's duet Baby it's cold outside (which is one of my favorite season songs, being a fan of Dean Martin and all).

I just think Darren and Chris do look so cute together! XD
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