haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

SG-1 - almost there...

Oh my... I'm having heart palpitations because of Season 10 of SG-1... it's so crazy that, after it all, I start to feel like this is the best season yet? I can't believe it's the last one!!! I'll probably start re-watching the whole series as soon as I finish it (last 8 episodes and those movies and that's it).

Ah! It's official. I love Daniel. I love Vala. I love Daniel/Vala. I still can't understand Cam/Vala (but I'm pretty sure that I will after I start watching Farscape), though Cam/Sam can be kind of cute (what? I just saw Line in the Sand!). And, okay, kill me, but I actually don't miss Jack that much... I found out that I like Cam... He's no John Sheppard either, but he's getting to me...

But, most of all, I love Daniel, Vala and Daniel/Vala. Can't wait to finish watching the show and dive in the fandom love... fanfics... I'm going to need a lot of fanfics... ^_^
Tags: fandom, fangirl, sg1
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