haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

RL sucks, but LJ rules (when it doesn't suck)

Really... It's been a while since I've been so depressed... I actually postponed fixing my car and taking my cat to the vet because I couldn't leave my bedroom (feeling a little down because of cold and I was loving procrastinating on LJ so much)... when I realized where I was going, I almost have a breakdown and couldn't stop crying for a whole day... a fucking whole day crying that my life is a mess and why do I let it get to that to start with...

My e-mail kept pinging mafia threads and I just wanted to tell everyone to just go fuck themselves up... So, I could either join discussion (and be pissed off about everything and makes no sense at all) or I could take some time off from the drama... So I took a shower and spent the day out running those errands I postponed for too long (not all of them yet, because the day is short and the rain is killing me).

But I'm really glad I took some time to procrastinate on chatzy for a little bit... because I must say that I love teamatlantis today more than ever!! I wanted to hug all and each of you for being supportive and caring and the perfect light distraction I needed to calm me down...

And one specially huge hug for csichick_2 and her cuddly vgift!! Whitney! You have no idea how you brightened my day today!!

I actually cried a little today again, because I feel so loved, I feel that I belong... and yet I still feel so lost and messy... But I'm getting better, with the help of all my friends (in here and RL). I wish I could show you all how much I really value all of you!!!

Thank you!!!
Tags: rants
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