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A travel in the past - meme style

This idea was taken from tiptoe39    I've chosen Levana Grinshaw, my first  OC for my Harry Potter fanfic, set on the marauder era called Sol e Lua. The fic and the characters were developed in portuguese, so somethings may seem a little odd in english (don't know why though... maybe because I don't have a extended vocabulary). Anyway, that fic is on permanet hiatus, but my OCs will live in my heart forever...



Story Format (Short story, novel, fanfic, etc...): Fanfic
What's your character's name? Levana Grinshaw
How old is he/she? 11, in the beginning.
What's his/her race? Caucasian.
Brief background of character: Levana was born in a wealth and traditional wizard family, having a brother four year older than she. By her family name, she could be someone that can have anything that she likes, anytime that she wants it. Her brother is the one that enjoys power, while she is only trying to find out if anyone ever cared for who she really is (whoever that is) and realizing that most things she believed in were family’s lies.

Character's position or job: First year. Slytherin. 

Strengths/Skills: She is just an average student, not exceeding in anything but Defense Against Dark Arts. Her greatest strength is her loyalty. She doesn’t trust people very often, but when she does find something worth fighting for, she goes through the end with it.

Are these skills typical of the fandom? If not, why?: Yes… She is just an ordinary student. Nothing special there, like almost everybody in Hogwarts (apart from Harry, off course).


Is your character considered normal in his/her own world? Yes.

Would you consider your OC as attractive? Not attractive per se. She is cute in a way (as a child), but she does have a plain look and is smaller than the girls her age. And she is way too serious most of the time, so nobody really turns twice to see her (only to acknowledge who she is). When she grows, she does develop a woman’s way that can attract many mans. She just learns how to be attractive without being beautiful. She’s still the shorter girl that she ever knew.

Distinctive features, if any: Big round bluer eyes. The trademark of her family.

Are these features unique in the fandom? If so, why?: Yes. I’ve created a weird shade of blue to an eye to have. And I’ve never saw any other character (apart from her family, that I’ve created) having the same eyes.


Temper: She is really short-tempered. As a child, most of it is for being a spoiled little brat (as her best friend said many times). Latter on, she just managed to be a little less spoiled, but keeps her temper in the short term, stubbornly.

Does your character ever get depressed? Yes. She is a depressed child, learning too fast how unfair life is. And all the things that she has to face with her family and love and friends through life, that really hurt her.

Leader or Follower? Her brother is the leader. She is a loner. But latter, when she grows up, she learns how to take control.

What are three weaknesses in him/her? One, she doesn’t have any social traits, that really puts her in a lot of troubles, since her family is a know family and everyone wants to be her “friend”. Two, she is a stubborn short-ill-tempered girl that doesn’t know anything about loving anything or anyone. Three, due to her flawed social tactics, she really can say the wrong thing at the wrong time most of the time, hurting everyone that really cares. 

Three strengths? One she has a very strong sense of loyalty to those who gained her trust. Two, she is a sincere person that can’t be hypocrite. Three, she is a strong girl that, even being spoiled, don’t like to trust her name/family to do everything for her… she really struggles to get a sense of herself.

How does your character get on with those around him/her?: At first she tries to shush everyone away. She doesn’t trust anyone but her brother. She believes that nobody could like her for who she really is and not for her name. It takes another stubborn person to show her that she is wrong.

What is the main aspect of his/her personality? Introverted, lonely and stubborn. 


Does your OC have a family of any sort? Mom (that dies while she is still young, the one person that showed loved), Father (that favor her brother, the one to uphold their family name) and a over-protective Brother (Adrian Grinshaw) that really loves her, but never shows it, because he doesn’t know how.

Is your character out on his/her own? No

Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events? Her childhood friend was attacked by a Werewolf in front of her. Even though he survived she blamed herself for what happened to him. Later, the lost of her mother only serves to close herself from the world.

What was probably the best time in his/her life so far? Learning that she could have friends who couldn’t care less about her family name was probably the best time of her childhood.

Single? Yes. But at the age of 17 she will learn that her father gave her hand in marriage for “the good of the family”.

Has your OC developed any romantic relationships? She was still a child, but then she learned that she can trust people again. Now the doors are open for the development of her romantic life. Not with the man of the dreams though… Not yet, anyway. 

Virgin? Yes. She is 16, after all. 

Does your character like flirting? No. She really doesn’t know how too. 


What animal would you associate your OC with? “Good question.” A cat, probably. All feisty and independent.  

Musical Instrument? Piano, for the good of appearances, but she doesn’t play it if she has a choice in the matter.

Element? Fire.

Planet? I have no idea….


Do you draw your character? Yes, but not very good… I prefer using photos of artists to portrait the OCs I’ve created…

Do you write about him/her? Yes, many snippets and short drabbles for what the future holds (and what the past keeps as a secret). But nothing published, since the story is on permanent hiatus.

Do you use him/her in any rpgs? No.

What other ways have you appreciated your OC? I’ve made a photo album of the entire family, and a 16 Levana’s journal with many things. Never published it either.


Connections to canon characters (if any): Childhood friendship with Remus Lupin.

Is your character wanted for anything? As prize for some man to possess, because of her family name and power inherit in it.

Does your OC drink or smoke (etc.)? Nope.

What's one quirk about him/her? She really loves her brother, even though she doesn’t see it as love.

Does your character have any phobias? Not sure if this is a phobia…she really can’t swim and is afraid of large portions of water deeper than what she can reach (which isn’t much deeper, since she is a short girl).

What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage? Treat her friends and her brother bad.

Does your OC like chickens? Like any other person…

The Final Question: What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like? I’m her stubborn friend that brings her on the extreme just to make her come to her senses…

Story snippet/link to story:

Unfortunately, not in English. Only in Portuguese… This is the introduction of Levana Grinshaw.


Estação Ferroviária de Londres.

Dois jovens podiam ser vistos por olhos mais atentos empurrando dois grandes malões em direção a barreira que separava as plataformas nove e dez da estação. Não que no meio de toda a movimentação do local alguém estivesse vendo uma cena comum no local. Principalmente na data de 1o de Setembro. Novamente, olhos mais atentos teriam visto os dois desaparecerem na barreira.

Levana e Adrian pararam por um momento no meio da movimentação de alunos e pais na plataforma nove e meia. Levana suspirou fundo, olhando em volta para tantos rostos desconhecidos. Alguns jovens que andavam no local observavam o casal com olhos curiosos. Havia algo nos dois que os identificava como irmãos. Mas apenas uma coisa em toda a aparência física dos dois era semelhante: os olhos azuis vivos, marca registrada dos Grimshaw. O rapaz, bem mais alto que sua irmã não se sentia intimidado pelo local. Pelo contrário. Parecia intimidar uma boa parte dos alunos, que desviavam os olhares dele, temerosos. Com um sorriso malicioso nos lábios ele começou a empurrar o malão através dos alunos, que abriam caminho para ele passar. Levana, por outro lado, ainda observava tudo ao redor, se sentindo como um cachorrinho assustado saindo de casa pela primeira vez. Mas o que mais a incomodava no momento eram os olhares estranhos que caiam sobre ela e o irmão. Meio sem jeito, ela começou a empurrar o malão, tentando seguir o irmão, mas ficando facilmente pra trás, sendo bem menor que ele, e o malão grande demais para ela.

“Idiota...” ela pensou, ao chegar perto de uma das portas do trem e se vendo no meio de um problema.  

- E como eu vou colocar isso aqui lá dentro?

Ela suspirou fundo, xingando novamente o irmão por deixar ela para trás. Mas antes que pudesse lançar qualquer praga mental para o irmão, uma voz calma atrás dela chamou sua atenção.

 - Será que posso ajuda-la com isso?

 Ela olhou assustada para trás e, para sua surpresa, deu de cara com um rosto que lhe era familiar. “Remo!” Ela ficou parada, olhando para ele, sem saber exatamente o que fazer. Ele olhava para ela, estranhando aquele comportamento.

 - Bem, você parece estar precisando de ajuda com essa mala, não?

 Ela suspirou fundo, olhando para o malão em frente dela. “Parece que ele não se lembra de mim...” Um pouco triste e sem jeito, ela balançou a cabeça positivamente. Lupin prontamente levantou a mala e a empurrou para o vagão.

 -Desculpa ter te assustado... mas você realmente parecia perdida aqui. Primeiro ano?

 Levana balançou a cabeça positivamente, corando um pouco. “Ele realmente não se lembra de mim...” Lupin pareceu não notar isso, no entanto.

 - Estou no segundo ano... Remo Lupin... se precisar de qualquer ajuda, pode me procurar... eu sei como o primeiro ano pode ser complicado...

 Ele sorria educadamente para ela, oq a fazia corar mais ainda. Dessa vez o garoto percebeu. Mudando o tom de voz para algo mais sem jeito, ele desviou o olhar para o chão.

- Bem... desculpe a indiscrição... mas é que eu sinto como se já a conhecesse... com certeza deve ser só impressão minha, mas...

 Levana olhou espantada para Lupin.

 - Não...

 Mas ela foi interrompida por um garoto de cabelos loiros e curtos que se aproximava. A voz dele era de descaso e um tanto irritante, na opinião dela.

 - Remo Lupin... seria mais esperto da sua parte não mexer com garotas da Sonserina...

Remo já estava pronto para protestar sobre o “garota da sonserina”, mas o garoto loiro não deixou chance. Ele olhou para Levana, o rosto e voz mostrando mais atenção.

- Seu irmão estava preocupado com você e me mandou te procurar... está certo que ele não imaginou que você pudesse estar se socializando com lixo da Grifinória... Melhor você vir agora, antes que ele fique furioso com você.

Levana não podia deixar de sentir seu sangue ferver ao ouvir aquelas palavras, mas achou melhor seguir o garoto, que agora arrastava seu malão para outro vagão. Mas antes que pudesse perder Lupin de vista, ela se virou, meio sem jeito e conseguiu murmurar um “obrigado...” sem que mais ninguém ouvisse.


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