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First tagged Meme (I'm aware of)

boudecia7 tagged me for this meme... So here it is.

* Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.

1. I'm addicted enough in fanfic that when I'm reading a WIP, I reload the page of the fanfic every time I set on my computer, to see if it's being updated.

2. I just bought a guitar for PS2, to play all the Guitar Heroes I own... I'm paying it till January next year, and now I'm afraid I'll broke the thing before next week... Oddly enough, I play with my PS2 like, 2 hours a week, at most. Now I'm wondering if it was really worth it... (that doubt will probably fade the first weekend my friends visit, because they'll be thrilled with it, I know).

3. As nº 2 implies, I'm a consumist. I bought 3 new piano sheets (Bach's only). Don't know why, since I don't sit on my piano to study since I was 15... And now, I'm aching to buy the book with the 24 Chopin's preludes... I don't know why either, beside the fact that I love to hear it.

4. I love visiting Rio de Janeiro (since my family live there), but I can't stand the heat. So every time I go there (usually on the summer time, for the Christmas and new year's holiday) I hardly leave the house during daylight, preferring to stay on the cooled apartment watching films, reading books, writing/reading fanfics on the internet. But I love to stroll on the beach at nighttime, specially because the town is all lighted up with Christmas's lights in every building and tree by the beach side.

5. Here in Campinas the weather is not as bad as it could be. It's a bit dry, but windy and not too hot. But on hot days, it's really bad, since I work on the only bank in here that doesn't have air conditioner!!

6. I can't, for the heart of me, write anything related to explicit porn. I'm not in any way prude, but every time I try to write anything like that, I get stuck right when the thing start to get steamier. And I know it's not a problem with the English language, because in Portuguese the words I choose usually sound worst than ever. And that is too bad, because there was so many naughty things I wanted to write! XD

7. I live basically on take-outs and frozen food. I'm not a lousy cook, it's just that I have not much patient on the kitchen. And since I'm living alone now, it's no fun cooking for only one. That's why I love to invite friends in for the weekend, since cooking with them is so much more fun. Even though, I can only cook like 2 or 3 things. They never complained about it, though...

8. I have one bigger brother, that isn't very close to me since we have a big age difference and he always studied far from home. But nothing makes me happier than when he call me on even days to tell me something silly... for instance, last week he called me to say he finally watched something I told him about a year ago. And that he really enjoyed it...

9. I don't know why, but I'm addicted with butterflies lately. I just bought one watch, two pairs of earrings, one ring and two necklaces pendants with butterfly in them. And I've always thought butterflies were really ugly, apart from their wings (in close view they are like any insects).

10. I love to go out dancing! Any kind of music, dancing is my therapy. But it's no fun to go dancing on a straigh club, because there is always guys standing in my way to have fun (even when they don't bother me directly, some of my friends always expect me to have fun doing something more than just dancing). That's why I love to hand out in gay's club with some other friends. And there is always the bonus point of seeing cute guys making out with each other... XD

Since I'm not a very popular girl on LJ (yet!!) I don't have 10 friends (yet!!!) XD
So I'm tagging everyone on my f-list (that wasn't tagged already): carmexgirl, dana_norram, dreamsofspike, hanuueshe, hirenkoi

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