haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Mafia, challenges and RL, Oh My!

I'm INNOCENT! I swear!

I'm not mafia obsessed! It's worst! It's an addiction! jjmafia hasn't been over for 24 hours and I'm already browsing mafialair to the next round...

Now I wanna see what I got myself into: Major Paul Davis @ stargatemafia, River Tam @ gmt_mafia and trying to join as Kurt Hummel (yeah, again) @ mafialair next new-kind-of-play round.

I had so much fun at jjmafia this round! But it was kind of heavy... first game with way over 30 players and my head was about to explode with paranoia. First time being a mason was awesome, though! I even took my photoshop out to play again (it's been a while since I didn't found the inspiration to do so). And look what I did for the masons at that last round of jj...

Crap, but it was something... XD

Lands and lands as far as the eye can see....

Really, I had to turn down joining spnland... I've been so uninspired lately that even stargateland challenges have been a pain for me to work on.

I'm getting back on the track, though... at least for stargate, I only need to do one more crossover thingy (probably a stargate/torchwood picspam), the poetry (really, I suck at writing, but at least I'll try to participate!) and of course help with the mix and the big bang (really, almost a month till deadline, so not worrying too much there yet).

Now, scifiland is becoming a third wheel comm for me, though... because, okay, it gives me the opportunity to work with some of my other fandoms (Firefly, DW, Torchwood), but really, I can't seem to do anything not Stargate related anyway... if feels like doing double shift with only one paycheck... =/

And I really really really want to get on track with gleeverse, because I'm not obsessed with the show... not at all...

Real Life: it sucks because it's Real

I'm back at work, at a new agency. It's calm so far, people are really nice, but I feel a little like an outsider yet. It's like I don't know what to do, what people are expecting of me... Lots of opportunities to rise, though, and I have my eyes and mind and heart on it.

On a more geeky news: MY TEEFURY ARRIVED!!! The only shirt I bought via internet, the one with the Tardis and the Stargate (duh!!) And really, I love it! Now I'm stalking that site so I don't loose any more awesome shirts ever again!
Tags: rants
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