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Glee Fanfic - Five times Karofsky visited Kurt at Dalton

Title: Five times Karofsky visited Kurt at Dalton
(but one time Blaine made him wish he never had)
Word count: ~ 1740
Rating: R, for some abuse (nothing too sexual or too graphic, but being on the safe side here)
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine. One sided Karofsky/Kurt
Summary: Exactly what the title says. Inspired by this prompt. Not exactly what the OP wanted, I think, but Karofsky took control of the fic.

AN: Unbetad, full of mistakes (because English is not my first language) and written quickly for a gleeverse challenge deadline. Will fix it after someone beta this. And I do want to write a companion piece showing Kurt and Blaine's POV between part 4 and 5.
Awesome beta is awesome! Thank you camshaft22 for suffering my English mistakes! Anything else wrong with this fic, is my own fault! Still writen for gleeverse and I still have plans for a companion piece showing Kurt and Blaine's POV between parts 4 and 5!

The first time Karofsky went to Dalton, he wasn’t even sure what he was doing. Finn’s words about Kurt being on Dalton still pounded in his brains, while he sat on his car during the one hour and a half drive from Lima to Westerville. And now, his mind was blank, if a little dizzy, while he sat on his car on the parking lot of the school. It was a week day, school hour. And maybe he could blame it on the beer he and his friends were having when skipping classes that day, to celebrate their comeback as school kings.

His hands stood on the car’s door handle for at least an hour before he decided to turn on the car and drive back home by the end of second period.

The second time Karofsky drove from Lima to Westerville, he was more pissed and not drunk at all. It was a few days after Valentine’s Day and he was cursing their aunt and cousin’s visit the day before. Especially, his stupid thirteen year old cousin Judith who was really annoying him. She was really excited about their dinner at Breadstick on Valentine’s Day. She had a cellphone full of pictures and videos of the cute guys performing there on that night. He couldn’t erase Kurt’s expression of his mind, that look he kept giving that prep boy who tried to confront him before.

What was worse is that he saw the same look on the other boy as well. Now he just had to see with his own eyes. He needed to know.

He parked the car, looked at his wristwatch and waited. Half hour later, the uniform clad boys start to leave the school to their cars. He just needed to wait and keep an eye open and hope that today wasn’t rehearsal day for The Garglers, or whatever the name of that sissy group was. It wasn’t and just a few minutes later he spotted Kurt Hummel walking to his car, holding on the strap of his over-the-shoulder bag.

And he saw the other boy running from the school toward him, apparently calling him out and making the former McKinley student turn to him looking almost annoyed. Interesting. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it looked like prep boy was apologizing for something. Soon enough they reached Hummel’s car and Kurt seemed to think a little before he agreed with whatever they were talking about.

Prep boy smiled than and climbed on Kurt’s car. Karofsky grip on the steering wheel got tighter when Kurt’s reaction was to bit his lip and give a little smile before entering his own car. Soon they left the school, and Karofsky was following.

They stop on a coffee shop a few minutes from Dalton. Karofsky sat on his car, having a good view of the window. So he saw the two boys on the line, talking. They made their order, Kurt talking a lot to the other boy. They both smiled at each other while going to a table. By the time they sat down, they were giving each other those long looks again. The couple didn’t even turn their heads when a tire screeched outside, signaling a car speeding up.

The third time Karofsky went to Dalton is actually the first he set foot on school grounds. This time he isn’t drunk, he isn’t angry. He feels mostly numb. He heard about Rachel Berry’s party and the fallout as well as the rumors of Kurt and Blaine (finally he had a name for the prep kid) declaring their love for each other. Karofsky simply fled from McKinley before last period to arrive at Dalton during Warbler’s rehearse.

He stood outside, leaning against a tree, looking inside Warbler’s practicing hall. There was Kurt, among all those boys in uniform. They were talking, maybe discussing something; Kurt was sitting on the couch, paying attention to all the boys talking at the same time. Blaine was sitting on the armrest of the couch, leaning on Kurt. The way his arms were around the countertenor’s shoulder, he could be sitting on the boy’s lap.

But Dave is not looking at anything but Hummel and thinking about how much Kurt have changed. He’s having a hard time recognize Kurt on that uniform, sitting so still and proper on the middle of a discussion. That is, until Kurt double takes his eyes to the window and he knew he was spotted.

He could recognize Kurt then. At the way the boys eyes go wide, the way his whole body goes tense, and the way he can’t keep his stare away from Dave. He can imagine the few seconds when Kurt actually stops breathing and, for those second, he’s afraid that Blaine will notice the change and look out the window. But it never happens. Kurt doesn’t say a word, just keeps looking at him. Blaine is oblivious to anything but the discussion going on.

Karofsky can’t help a smirk forming on his lips. It’s almost a smile, because he’s happy to see Kurt being Kurt again. He see that Kurt actually flinched back then and can’t help his increasing heartbeat. He caused that. He brought Kurt back with just his presence there.

He leaves before rehearse is over and he can feel Kurt’s eyes following him while he disappear in the campus, back to his car. That night, he slept in peace like he didn’t in a long time.

The next week, when Karofsky set foot on Dalton’s ground again, his mind is clear and he’s focused. He waits a whole day for the right opportunity to get Kurt alone, to talk with him. The moment he saw that Kurt’s last class was leaving sooner than the others, he knew that this was it. The corridor was empty when he grabbed Kurt from behind, clasping one hand over his mouth and dragged him to an empty classroom on an adjacent corridor.

Kurt’s struggles and muffled screams lasted until he realized who was kidnapping him on the middle of Dalton. He froze the moment Karofsky pinned him against the wall.

“Hey Hummel. Did you miss me?”

Kurt shakes his head and it takes a few tries before he can actually manage words from his mouth.

“What are you doing here?”

His blue eyes are darker, in the poor lit classroom and Dave smiles at the fear he recognizes there. He puts one of his hands on Kurt’s cheek, the thumb resting on Kurt’s lower lips.

“You know how I know you missed me?” he ignores the smaller boy’s question and leans closer. “Because I’ve been watching you... and I see how much those prep boys have changed you...”

He lower his gaze to Kurt’s parted lips. He can feel the smaller boy practically trembling against him and that brought a smile to his face.

“And I see how you change back to being you when I’m around. You can’t lie to me, Hummel.”

Kurt practically whimpers when Dave crushes his lips with his own and he can’t help but try to push the jock away by pushing at his chest.

Teenage Dream start blasting from his pants pocket and Dave steps back.

“It’s Blaine. The Warblers... they will come looking for me. We have rehearsal and they will be coming for me if I don’t show up...” he practically blurts out.

Karofsky’s hand reaches for Kurt’s phone on his pocket, pulling it out. That only makes the smaller boy whimper again, tears falling from his eyes. Karofsky just turns it off, drops it on the floor and looks back at Kurt.

“If you tell them anything, anything at all, it doesn’t matter if you’re two hours away from McKinley, I’ll come back. And I’ll kill you. Understood?”

Kurt could only nod between shallow breaths. Karofsky let him go and he slipped to the floor. It took an eternity after Karofsky left, for Kurt to pick himself and his cellphone up, to leave the classroom.

The last time Karofsky arrives at Dalton, he’s sure Kurt said something. Because the moment he steps out of his car, the little prep boy Blaine is waiting for him, arms crossed.

“I would suggest you leave now and never return to Dalton again. Understood?”

Dave snorts at the midget standing in his way.

“So he talked.”

Blaine takes a step closer and Dave has to admit that the little guy have balls to be facing a guy twice his size like that. It helped that they were on Dalton’s turf anyway.

“Yeah. It took some convincing but he finally talked. About everything. About you kissing him. About you bullying him. How this was not the first time you threatened his life.”

Dave stood his ground and just smirked at the boy standing not two foot away from him.

“Did he tell you how much he liked it, by any chance? ‘Specially the part where I had my hands on his pants?”

Blaine’s fist connecting to Dave’s face came to a shock to the jock.

“You’ll get this once and for all, Karofsky. You’ll stay away from Kurt and never come looking for him again. Do you understand?”

Karofsky raised his hand and was advancing to the smaller boy when he realised they were not alone. There were Warblers and Dalton students coming from all around the parking lot and some were as big, or even bigger than him. Karofsky raised both his hand in surrender.

“So what? You’ll all kick my ass so I don’t return? You’ll can’t keep him protect all the time, you know?”

One Asian looking guy just steps closer and puts a cam recorder on Blaine’s hand, which just raises it toward Karofsky. He could see himself coming out of the car on the little screen. Karofsky raised his eyebrow at Blaine.

“We won’t kick your ass. But we will show this video to everyone. Your friends in school will know about you kissing Kurt, your parents will know about you putting your hands down his pants. The police will know about you threatening his life... Do you understand now, Dave?”

Afterwards, when all the boys are going back inside the school and Blaine is still waiting on the parking lot, seeing Karofsky’s car leaving Dalton for good, Wes stops beside him to ask what he will tell Kurt. Blaine smiles.

“I’ll tell him he is safe here.”
Tags: fanfic, glee, klaine
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