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Mafia is love (in art form)!

Last round of gmt_mafia finished today and it was fun-tastic! The masons were awesome and we ruled the worldgame. =P Or we like to think we did anyway... XD

So, inspired by all the mafia love I finished my first mason art!

queer_theory as BBC Sherlock's DI Lestrade (mason double agent);
inspired_looney as Leverage's Eliot Spencer (mason leader)
maridee42 as Lost's Kate Austen (mason runner);
haruechan as Harry Potter's Remus Lupin (mason chocolate procurer).

With participation of:
tiah15 as Fringe's Ella Dunham (honorary mason) and
smifli as Harry Potter's Sirius Black (the confuser =P)

And we shall name this world, recently conquered by us mason, as Spenceria. In honor of our lost leader.

(click for original size)

Also, this round of jjmafia is really interesting! Book mafia, so not many pictures IC... and guess what? I was silenced for the first time! They couldn't do it when I'm Kurt or Rodney (when I have tons of gifs to use)??? =P

And I have my first (exclusively) mafia ship! XD

Tags: mafia, rants
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