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It was so good! And funny! And I don't even know how I got home yesterday and managed to turn on my computer (though I think it was already on and on LJ when I got home).

Street Carnaval is very popular here on my city. It's loosely connected with the local University (Unicamp), so it's practically a wide University party that is open to everyone!

Now, I've walked more this two night than I did the whole year already, and I couldn't stop dancing, of course (my legs hurt!). I hurt my left hand I don't even know how on the first night and it's still sore...

Now, picture this: I'm drunk on a public park (there's the sound car nearby and everyone jumping around and running and dancing on the park). Half my friends are there (this half):

And half is nowhere to be seem. I have my face glued on my cellphone, laughing and screaming "OMG! Why my friends are killing me?? Why they hate me?? I'm innocent!!" a couple of times before joining the dance again.

At least that's what the short one on the left said. I don't believe, because I don't remember it. And you know, when you don't remember, it never happened... =P

edit: to add some videos!

Not from this year, but from last year. It's all game, specially for the two last videos, since it's their famous music and they played it lots of time yesterday anyway.

Sunday: Group Altaneiro

Monday: Group Cupinzeiro (I can actually spot some of my friends playing/dancing on this two videos!)

Tags: rants
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