haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Birthday's Thanks!

To all my f-list! Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes!!

Specially to skylar0grace for the gift! *hugs you*
And queer_theory, smifli, wee_warrior and luinalda for their posts! (those always makes me tear up a little).

My birthday didn't end up to be as spectacular as Katrin described, but it wasn't so bad (FOR A MONDAY!). I don't feel 29, yet. I wonder if the years will catch me on 2012... 30 is usually scarier... *shrugs*

Of course it would have been better if I hadn't spent the last two days worried about my friend who was in an accident. He fell from the roof, hit his head and has been on the hospital without movements on his legs since Sunday night. He went on surgery yesterday, but still hasn't regained feelings on his legs today. The doctor said it could take time... but there's a chance of it not being permanent.

I'm asking everyone to send him prayers (or just positive thoughts, if you don't believe in it).

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